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Paired with a smooth, intelligent checkout experience OnePay is truly a modern payments infrastructure

OnePay was created with a big vision: to make online, cross-currency, cross-continent payments and transactions safer, cheaper and more accessible for businesses, traders and consumers in Nigeria and beyond. OnePay's comprehensive solutions and services are helping businesses to grow, equally, individuals are prospering - by striping barriers and the complications to local and international trade, in addition to being able to receive payments across the globe. We provide payment bridge between Africa and the rest of the world. OnePay provides an alternative to cash in transacting and makes it simple and secure to sell or buy goods and services - or trade across local and international markets.

In one word, OnePay was conceptualized and designed to be a one stop shop for all your local and international payment solution.

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Awesome features

We've done all the heavy lifting such that you can immediately start accepting payments across all channels

Zero Coding required

Put your products, services and subscriptions up for sale on the internet without writing code. Create a payment page from the dashboard and customize it to suit your needs.

Fraud Prevention

At OnePay, eliminating fraud is top priority. We've used technology to our advantage. Minimizing risks, reduce chargebacks and its associated costs.

Recurring Payment

Run your subscriptions business with a powerful product designed to handle recurring charges, subscription management and customer invoicing.

Accept Payment in Market Places

Do you run a platform of sellers you want to be able to pay automatically? OnePay supports it right out of the box.

Payment Redefined

One stop cross-platform payment solution for everyone and every business

  1. Transactions / day
  2. Happy customers
  3. Dynamic Support Team
  4. Awards wins and recognitions

OnePay Connect

HTTP API Version 2.0
A guide for those who wish to integrate their websites to OnePay e-payment platform

Our API also includes fraud prevention, transparent redirect, and direct connection to help developers create secure, perfectly rendered payment pages on all devices

Full Integration Documentation

OnePay Device

OnePay represents the latest innovation in secure mobile paymentacceptance. It incorporates triple-track MagStripe, smart card and chip & Pin encrypted Pin Pad technologies, a first in the industry. With this all-in-one mobile reader, it enables the acceptance of MagStripe, EMV smart card paymentsincluding Mastercard, VISA, AMEX, DISCOVER, EMV and MSR issued card.

Mobile Form Factor, Audio Jack Interface and Bluetooth

OnePay communicates to the host via an audio jack, Bluetooth and USB interface. It is supported on Apple, Android and Windows platforms with a SDK to allow for simple and easy integration into mobile payment application. Also featured, is a USB port which can be used for charging or communicating with a PC or a mobile USB port. OnePay 's efficient and elegant design minimizes power consumption to the host device’s battery life. In addition, embedded battery can make it run for a longer time.

  • Ease e-wallet Integration
  • Communication for the latest Apple iOS, Android and windows Platform
  • Elegant, Compact and ergonomic design tointegrate with a variety of mobile devices
  • DUKPT key management
  • Micro-USB port for pass-through charging
  • and PC communication
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • 12 keys pad made of high quality film
  • With a buzzer and 3 LED for battery indicator
  • Secured Pin Pad & Encryption
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

We know infrastructure is only as good as its reliability. Hence, OnePay is powered by highly secure multiple fail-over servers with a well distributed backup service guaranteeing 99.9% uptime to our clients.

How long does it take before my money hits my bank account

Your money is sent directly to your account in line with CBN regulation of t+1 (t being time of transaction) hours. Transfers to your account are free.

How do you pass the transaction charge to the customer?

Simply calculate the transaction charge for the transaction, and add it to the total amount.

Are payments in other currencies available?

Not yet. Foreign currency payments are currently in beta and will soon be available to all.

Creating Communication

We know that the best payments systems are equal parts technology and humanity, so we’re always here to support your people, consult on your plans, and connect you with others who can help you get it done

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